# What is GEEK Network?


We are using the power of blockchain to provide access for the global digital economy to connect the talents of millions of programmers and developers around the world.

Geek Network is an:

  • On-chain Governed.
  • Nominated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain.
  • Smart Contract Platform with a WASM (WebAssembly) Runtime through Substrate.
  • Decentralized Payment Gateway.
  • Decentralized Exchange Platform.

It is designed to apply decision-making process to the runtime of the blockchain, but also to the decision-making processes themselves, in an effort to rapidly generate more effective governance solutions for blockchain platforms.

Participants can vote, delegate, and fund improvements and upgrades through DAOs, economic mechanisms, cryptographic voting systems, and more.

The ecosystem is being built and growing stronger, at this time the Morioh community has about 450K+ followers and 2M+ visitors per month, it is still growing. That's why Geek Network users value the platform for its commitment and potential to fulfill this more decentralized, user-owned vision and use of GEEK in the real world.

# Built on Substrate

Geek Network is built on top of the Substrate framework for building blockchains, the most advanced tech of its kind, a framework for creating new blockchains derived from the Polkadot project. Substrate implements nearly all the code necessary to launch a working blockchain, including libp2p networking, a WebAssembly runtime, PBFT consensus, and clients for running nodes and proof-of-stake validators.

Substrate is designed to give developers the tools and freedom to create innovative state machines. The general and neutral nature makes it highly customisable, but many tools come working out-of-the-box, including:

  • Polkadot connectivity
  • Hot-swappable, pluggable Consensus
  • Hot-upgradeable, pluggable STF
  • Flexible and general sync
  • Pub/Sub WebSocket JSON-RPC
  • Light client
  • Transaction queue
  • Pervasive, secure networking
  • JavaScript implementation
  • Substrate Runtime Module Library

Because of Substrate’s novel on-chain upgrade mechanism, you will be able “hot-swap” consensus algorithms or upgrade STFs without the need to hard fork.

Particularly with the Substrate runtime module library (a.k.a FRAME), regarding the underlying data-structures that power the STF, thereby making rapid blockchain development a reality.

When building with FRAME, the Substrate runtime is composed of several smaller components called pallets. A pallet contains a set of types, storage items, and functions that define a set of features and functionality for a runtime. Anyone can write freely and share useful pallets.